Camp Herald LT-7


Be the hands and feet that help to make Camp Herald so special for our guests. Volunteers will serve with the staff team to maintain the campsite and work behind the scenes so that the camp program runs smoothly. Volunteers learn valuable skills such as leadership, responsibility, communication and endurance.

Age Requirement

Must be at least 14yrs old (entering 10th grade in Sept).

Time Commitment

Volunteers must serve a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks.

Volunteer Duties

Volunteer duties include but not limited to the following:


-Cleaning facilities


Camp Fee

First-time volunteers are required to fundraise $100/week (capped at $300) to cover training, transportation and room and board.

To apply for this position, please click on the button below. Applicant must also submit a short personal essay and provide two character references (please use the form below). An interview will be scheduled after these documents are submitted.